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Steps to Stake

  1. A wallet on chain
  2. Minimum stake of 500k NWRL tokens in wallet.
  3. A computer with minimum performance of a t2.small for participating in block validation.

Newrl foundation stakes for free on behalf of first 100 nodes on the mainnet. Faucet can be used to get NWRL tokens for staking on testnets.


Newrl Faucet can be used to get NWRL tokens for staking. TestnetFaucet

Staking using Wallet

Staking can be done using Newrl wallet app by importing the wallet from node as mentioned in Run a validator Node section. The existing stake and mining status can also be checked from the wallet app.


Staking with direct transactions

Staking is done using a transaction call to the Newrl Stake smart contract. The transaction can be signed and submitted to any node.

"sc_address": "ctcdb91798f3022dee388b7ad55eeea527f98caee4",
"function_called": "stake_tokens",
"signers": [
"params": {
"value": [
"token_code": "NWRL",
"amount": amount_to_stake
"token_amount": amount_to_stake,
"wallet_address": wallet_to_stake


Once staking transaction is submitted, the stake can be verified using the link

Note: Please replace the the value '0xa9ce833fa8deaf8e7f21f493335beff4386c5c22' with your own node wallet address.

  • Testnet

Below is the sample response

"status": "SUCCESS",
"data": [
"[{\"0xa9ce833fa8deaf8e7f21f493335beff4386c5c22\": 100000000000}, {\"0xce4b9b89efa5ee6c34655c8198c09494dc3d95bb\": 700000000000}]"

Here, fourth parameter of data list "800000000000" is the amount of tokens staked.