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Getting started with Dapps

An application written in any language can make use of the capabilities of Newrl with basic REST API calls to the clients. Usage of a different programming language is not required.

The process of building an app on Newrl can be briefly listed below

  1. Get a custodian wallet if your Dapp create new wallets
  2. Get a Newrl node or use any of the public node
  3. Integrate Newrl with the DApp using REST calls or Newrl SDKs.
  4. Run your app without deploying anything on Newrl
  5. Certain applications would need to use specific smart contracts even though templates exist for a variety of use cases on Newrl.
  6. Grants are provided for applications based on the use case and scalability by the foundation. Which can be passed onto users.

At present, any new smart contract which need to be deployed on Newrl will need to be done via the foundation after review and approval. This is because the smart contracts on Newrl are templatised and are part of the codebase. The idea is that there's going to be only a subset of generalised smart contracts which will be used by most DApps like DAOs, share tokens etc.


Talk to a member of Newrl foundation if you need assistance building DApps on Newrl