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Creation of Smart Contract on Newrl

Smart Contract on Newrl can be created by submiting valid transaction. Check transaction format for valid transaction example.


Below represents a transaction for creating a new smart contract:

"timestamp": 1664278926000,
"trans_code": "977a4b88a1bcb4ee51dea4dfb008b0809aa690f3",
"type": 3,
"currency": "NWRL",
"fee": 1,
"descr": "",
"valid": 1,
"specific_data": {
"address": "ctd16b9576821b763358f7f589f577e171dfc8f1dd",
"function": "setup",
"signers": [
"params": {
"creator": "0xe738ffa75c377d07819d21170c7594aa89ce1618",
"ts_init": null,
"name": "sample_template",
"version": "1.0.0",
"actmode": "hybrid",
"status": 0,
"next_act_ts": null,
"signatories": {
"initialise_liquidity": null,
"value_issue": null,
"update_entry": null,
"create_entry": null,
"sample_validate": null
"parent": null,
"oracleids": null,
"selfdestruct": 1,
"contractspecs": {},
"legalparams": {}


Key value pair of function name as the key and wallet address which can call these methods as value and null in case function can be called by any wallet. After successful submission of the valid transaction smart contraact will be dpeloyed.